(letters to the editor of the Phoenix New Times refering to a prior article about Sheriff Joke Arpaio and his henchman Maricopa County Pig David Gendershott)

Joe Blows

The wrong arm of the law: I read, with amazing emotional control, Robert Nelson's piece on Joe Arizona's arrest ("Trick or Threat," November 7).

The only persons guilty of impersonating police officers are those thugs from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. What does David Hendershott tell his family when they ask him what he does for a living? He has no business in a position of public trust, and he needs to be kept as far away from law enforcement as possible.

My mind crashes at any attempt to simulate what those henchmen were thinking, what Hendershott was thinking, when they arrested that man. Do they enjoy this? It is long past time for Arpaio and Hendershott to wear some pink underwear themselves -- in jail, where all such thugs belong.

Hey, Hendershott, guess what? I had eggs for breakfast this morning! I'm sure that act, coupled with penning this letter, should rise to the level of an arrestable offense. So send your goons with badges to come get me. I'll be waiting . . .

Joe Duarte


Pink tank: Thanks for a great column on the pink underwear, play badges, old patches and Highway Patrol "almost shirt" of Joe Arizona.

Please don't ever let up on exposing the real Joe Arpaio for what he is. Even pink underwear sounds like a "pinky," and Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon aren't around to investigate.

An article on what other law enforcement personnel, jail administrators, and even federal authorities think about Maricopa County's answer to Barney Fife might be an opportunity for a future issue.

Name withheld by request

I fought the sheriff: I am not one who normally responds like this, but I feel compelled to just say, good job on your column about the antics of the sheriff and his staff. I grew up in a law enforcement family myself and have carried on in my father's footsteps for more than 23 years. Your story was exactly correct. I am ashamed to think the people in Maricopa County would condone this type of behavior or think this is what law enforcement is about. We erect memorials to fallen officers and speak of the sacrifices they made. My father was one who did. He would be very ashamed to see what has become of the department and county he gave his life representing. During Sheriff Arpaio's leadership, many honest, upstanding and hardworking deputies have left the department, disgusted, embarrassed and ashamed. Maybe we should erect a memorial to them and honor what they tried so hard to do right. Again, nice job!

Name withheld by request

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